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Trauma Therapy

Trauma therapy has traditionally been called "trauma therapy" because it uses certain techniques to lessen or remove the emotional impact of trauma. We have tried various types of trauma therapies over the years and have landed on one specific genre of techniques that we find work the best and typically give very fast results. This type of therapy could just as easily be called "emotional release therapy" because that is essentially what it does.

This type of therapy can be helpful with a variety of issues where you are struggling with intense emotion. Traumatic events from the past, current dilemmas, or difficulty accepting changes, for example.

The goal is to release the emotion so it is not so "loud" in your daily life. It is much easier to live an integrated and balanced life (mind, body, heart, spirit) when emotions aren’t running the show, so to speak.

If you are interested in trying this type of therapy, please email one of us - contact page.


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