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"Leadership can be thought of as a capacity to define oneself to others in a way that clarifies and expands a vision of the future" - Edwin Friedman

We provide business coaching and consulting for people wanting to take their business and lives to the next level. Get a copy of our book here.

Business Coaching & Consulting

Dean works with leaders and managers within companies to help them become exceptional leaders who are more capable of facilitating vision, creativity, positive co-worker relationships, and enthusiasm within the workplace.

Dean provides:
  • A thought partner on long-term development
  • Solving problems with a focus on company culture
  • Applying Bowen Systems principles to the organizational framework
  • Developing relationship skills and navigating conflict
  • Vision development
When you Google "business leadership," you get 906 million hits. There are websites, blogs, and articles that are packed with tips and top 10 lists, but who has time to sort through all that information? If you are like the rest of us, you have a busy life that is focused on your top priorities and don't have time to get the guidance you need through this information.

Dean provides coaching and consulting services that are focused on exactly what you need given your unique situation and priorities. His focus is on helping leaders transform their character, awareness, and core values and by doing so to transform the results and bottom line of the company.

Dean believes that most people need feedback, guidance, and personal challenge to improve their ability to create results in the workplace and at home. He believes that most people want to be true leaders in their lives, but often lack the ability to do this effectively. He believes that most people want to develop crystal clear goals and priorities that pave the way towards personal and professional success but experience blocks and resistance that constantly throw them off their optimal path.

Dean provides on or off-site, face-to-face or Skype/phone coaching and consulting services.

Business and Life Coaching for Women

Jennifer provides business & life coaching for women, who have challenges and priorities that are often different than men. She understands that family, marriage, career, personal health and wellness, and finding one's life purpose are at heart of most women's lives. She also understands the difficult task most of us face in creating a healthy balance between these priorities. Jennifer addresses the specific situation and needs of each client to create an individualized goal plan focused on the results and performance level sought by her clients.

The Benefits You Receive from Business Coaching & Consulting

  • Create goals, set priorities, and work towards them in a collaborative environment.
  • Reduce resistance to goal achievement.
  • Receive constructive feedback about your process.
  • Increase your ability to stay calm and level headed under pressure.
  • Increase your ability to take action even in the face of crisis and stress.
  • Increase your ability to stay out of "group think" in business or personal situations. Increase your ability to be more of an individual even when faced with togetherness pressure from a group (to do and think what everyone else does). Be less influenced by the togetherness force.
  • Be less influenced or swayed by the opinions of others and conversely more able to stay true to yourself, your opinions, goals, and beliefs. Be less influenced by sabotage and change back requests from others in your life in their attempt to maintain the status quo.
  • Be less drawn in to relationship patterns and processes that derail your progress.
  • Increase your ability to block free floating anxiety around you that comes at you from clients, colleges, managers, etc. Stop the flow of anxiety rather than pass it on.
  • Enhance your ability to have healthy relationships at work and at home – those with the qualities of being separate, equal, and open.
  • Navigate yourself better in your relationships.
  • Decrease your tendency to feel the pressure to find a quick fix and increase your ability to take time to find a workable solution.
  • Increase your ability to think more objectively about situations ("think systems") and systematically navigate yourself in your relationships.
  • Increase your ability to create true change in your life.
  • Empower you to know what is important to you and what you stand for. Empower you to be clearer about personal values and principles with yourself and others.
  • Increase your ability to make your principles and values congruent with your current reality.
  • Increase your ability to operate from your "true self."
  • Increase your ability to consistently and fearlessly define yourself/assert yourself with others.
  • Increase your ability to take "I-positions" with others – a statement or action that tells others what you believe and plan to do.
  • Understand how the brain influences thinking, feeling, and behavior, and be more capable of using your higher brain centers effectively.
  • Increase your ability to be a non-anxious presence.
  • Increase your ability to be calm and focused and be a true leader in your workplace and your life.

Peak Performance for Sports

Visit our Elite Hockey Mental Training website for more more information.

Peak Performance for Sports is a program that is used for the purpose of helping athletes optimize their performance. We combine traditional sports coaching, called "mental game coaching" with a body focused approach that focuses on releasing the roots of performance problems.

We welcome both athletes who currently struggle with a performance problem and athletes who simply want to improve their performance.

Mental Game Coaching is mental training to help athletes break through mental barriers that prevent them from performing at their potential and teaching mental skills and mental toughness for success. The goals are enhanced performance and increased consistency in performance.

Skill sets that are developed through mental game coaching are the following:
  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Overcoming high expectations
  • Trust in your skills
  • Coping with mistakes
  • Coping with perfectionism
  • Coping with the need for approval
  • Consistency in performance
  • Pregame preparation
  • Performing beyond comfort zones
  • Coping with pregame jitters
  • Goal setting
  • Coping with the fear of failure
  • Strategies for superior practice and training
Mental Game Coaching may be for you if you:
  • Perform considerably better in practice than during competition
  • Can't perform the way you did after an injury even though you are physically recovered
  • Have many perfectionist qualities that hinder your performance
  • Don't perform well when others are watching you
  • Have strict expectations that hinder your performance
  • Attach your self-worth to your ability to perform
  • Lose focus during critical times of the game
  • Worry about what others think about your performance
  • Have doubts about your performance before or during competition
  • Get anxious and have difficulty remaining calm in competition
  • Become frustrated when you make a mistake
  • Want to maximize your potential and consistently play at your best
The benefits athletes receive from Mental Game Coaching:
  • Increase your ability to stay calm and level headed under pressure
  • Increase your ability to stay in the present and not get distracted by past errors
  • Improve focus and deal with distractions
  • Increase confidence
  • Develop skills to deal with mistakes
  • Develop constructive self-talk
  • Improve motivation for high performance
  • Develop confidence post-injury
  • Develop game-specific strategies
  • Enter the "zone" more often
  • Increase your ability to be calm and focused and be a true leader in your pursuit of excellence

A Body Centered Approach

It is commonly said that sports is 90% mental. However, the mind and body work as a team. The body is king because it is first and fastest, as its job is to survive. The improvement of an athlete's performance is optimized when we address both the mind and the body.

"Traditional sports psychologists have typically confined their work with [performance problems] to the surface of the problem, focusing on the athlete's conscious mental strategies. They apply behavioral techniques to guide the athlete to relax under pressure, change his or her negative self-talk, focus on the task at hand, mentally rehearse peak performance, let go to mistakes, and quiet an overactive mind. Although all these surface strategies are certainly useful for mental-toughness training and a necessary part of an athlete's skill set, they consistently fall short when it comes to releasing [performance problems]. These cognitive techniques bring partial, temporary relief to the athlete because they address only the symptoms of the problem (pre-performance nervousness, negative thinking, or poor focus, for example); however, they leave the roots untouched, and consequently, the performance difficulties remain or eventually re-emerge." (Grand & Goldberg, 2011, p. 6).

With a body-centered approach, as many relevant negative experiences, injuries, etc, get released as possible so the athlete is able to perform in the present without being weighed down by the baggage from the past. When working with the athlete we don't rehash past experience. We don't talk about negative things that have happened. Rather we use them as a access points to go directly to the mind/body roots of performance problems and release them.

"It is the unconscious remnants of these previous negative performance experiences that generate the sense of danger, physical tension, and self-doubt that interfere with optimal performance. These...roots remain untouched by today's cognitive sports-psychology approach because the regular approach addresses only the athlete's conscious mind instead of reaching to the roots of the problem deep in the athlete's body and brain (Grand & Goldberg, 2011, p. 9).

Our Coaching Model

Performance is very connected to the athlete's personal history and uniqueness as a human being. Performance is enhanced by addressing the athlete as an entire person. This is because the roots of good or bad performance lie in the subconscious of the athlete. It is the athlete him or herself that must be helped rather than just focusing on the performance.

We use both mental game coaching and a body centered approach to address issues that inhibit performance. In this way we address both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind of the athlete. Even if an athlete hasn't had "major" performance problems, reducing tightness, tension, and negative self-talk tends to greatly improve his or her game.

We want to help athletes perform at their highest level possible. The goal of our approach is for the athlete to have an increased ability to be focused in the present moment, to be calm, and to enter the "zone" more easily and more often.

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