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Dean Beattie, M.Sc., Registered Psychologist, AB

Dean received his undergraduate degree in Social Work (B.S.W.) in 2000 and his graduate degree in Marital and Family Therapy (M.Sc.) in 2004. He is a Registered Psychologist & Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional (through Peak Performance Sports).

Couple's Counselling & Individual Counselling

Dean is passionate about helping people navigate themselves through their lives in a way that promotes integrity, wellness, and positive results. Dean has a track record of helping couples to get talking again, move past their difficulties, and find hope for the future of their relationship. He has worked with hundreds of couples to help enhance and promote their relationship.

Dean also works with individuals in whatever circumstances they come to his office examine themselves, find ways of taking responsibility to better their lives, increase health and wellness, and move towards their goals. Dean considers counselling to be very similar to coaching in that he helps people acknowledge and make peace with where they are at and move towards goals for the future. He is skilled at helping people take initiative in their lives and move in a positive direction.

While Dean loves to do coaching with athletes, he also loves to do counselling with individuals and couples and continues to accept both coaching and counselling clients.

Athlete Coaching

Dean has a background in competitive sport, primarily hockey. Throughout his minor, junior, and college career Dean was designated a team leader. He captained his junior and college teams. He has won league championships and a national championship while playing college hockey at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Dean understands what it takes to work productively in a team environment while also working hard individually to increase his own performance to the highest level possible. It was these sports experiences that inspired Dean to want to understand human performance at a deeper level and sparked his decision to become a Psychologist and Mental Game Coach. Dean enjoys working with athletes in any sport, especially golf and hockey, and is passionate about helping athletes perform at their personal best.

Jennifer Beattie, M.Sc., Registered Psychologist, AB & SK

Jennifer received her undergraduate degree in psychology (B.A.) in 2000, her graduate degree in theology (M.T.S.) in 2002, and her graduate degree in Marital and Family Therapy (M.Sc.) in 2005.

Jennifer has been interested in life purpose and performance throughout her life. During her training in psychology, she also completed a Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance. She understands at a personal level what it takes to become self-disciplined and achieve higher levels of personal and professional performance.

Her intention is to address people as multi-layered beings…physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational. She understands that family, marriage, career, personal health and wellness, and finding one's life purpose are at heart of most people's lives. She also understands the difficult task most of us face in creating a healthy balance between these priorities.

Jennifer is passionate about helping people move toward their personal potential, find their optimal life path, and live their best lives possible.
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