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Stress Bucket Course

The Stress Bucket Course

Self-study Stress Bucket online course: In our one-on-one sessions with clients, we have found that we often repeat ourselves with the same information and suggestions. This course is a summary of the most highly rated client tricks and tips for dealing with stress and lessening your stress load. It is divided into 5 main sections to give you access to our best stress management tips. For the cost of one counselling session, it includes both written material and videos to help you learn how to lessen your stress as quickly as possible. Go to the Stress Bucket Course here.

Stress Bucket coaching program: This program includes our Stress Bucket Course plus 5 individual sessions (online or in person) to help you personally apply the stress busting tricks and tips to your personal life and unique situation. We are happy to work with you to help maximize your stress busting skills and make your life a happier place to be. The cost is $1500 CAD.

Inner Peace and Stress Bucket Course: This powerful package provides you with the main tools you will need to quickly get on top of your stress load and feel significantly calmer and more peaceful on a daily basis. It includes access to our Stress Bucket Course with our best tricks and tips on lessening stress plus our Inner Peace Process, which makes past experiences seem MUCH less intense, quickly reduces the stress load in your stress bucket, and helps you live more consistently in the present moment. This package is a must-have for health care workers and front line staff who have been challenged by the stress of Covid-19. The cost is $1600.

Extreme De-Stress Package: This package includes our Stress Bucket Course, our Inner Peace Process, and 3 one-on-one sessions to zero in on any remaining stress or emotional baggage that you want to release. The cost is $2100.


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