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3 ways the Number 3 can make your life better

posted by Triune Systems    |   April 22, 2014 17:40

We named our business “Triune Systems” because the number 3 is so significant for health and well-being.  

The human brain is composed of three separate and distinct parts.  

  • The frontal and pre-frontal lobes are the "thinking brain", the part of the brain that is responsible for rational thought, critical thinking, and regulating emotions.  
  • The "emotional brain" is called the limbic system and is responsible for feeling emotions and connecting to others.  
  • The "instinctual brain" at the back of the head is responsible primarily for survival.  This brain will send chemical changes throughout your body to advise it of potential threats.  It reacts with fight, flight, and freeze.    

These three brains work together to create a complementary system that guides human thought and interaction.  We help our clients learn how to differentiate between the different brains and their responsibilities.  

We help our clients to learn how to use the conscious choice and freedom of their thinking brains to overrule the more automatic and less conscious reactions of the emotional and instinctual brains.  

Human relationships tend to operate in 3’s.  We call the interactions between people “triangles.” Triangles occur when two people draw in a third to reduce their anxiety.  A third person or issue in a relationship tends to stabilize it.  Triangles can be formed with people or issues, such as religious belief or addiction or common interests such as hockey.  To understand people and help them create positive change, it is helpful to observe the main triangles they are involved in and help them shift the triangles towards health.  

The last way that the number three is significant is through spiritual belief.  The Christian tradition teaches a God who presents Himself as three persons but one God.  The word “triune” means three (tri) in one “une.”  Just as our brains are three parts that compose one brain and our relationships tend to have three parts that compose one system, we have a spiritual system that teaches the three in one concept as well.  

Remember, when looking at human function, interaction, and spiritual belief, the number 3 can act as a guidance system to help you understand and navigate yourself towards higher functioning and wellness.  The name “triune” is a catch-all for the human condition.  

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