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Welcome to Triune Systems, Coaching, Counselling, and Consulting!

We are a private practice of two Registered Psychologists located in Lloydminster, AB. We are a husband and wife team who believes in the ability of all people to create positive change in their lives.

The mission of Triune Systems is to help people transform their lives towards improved health, happiness, and performance. We meet our clients in the life circumstances they arrive at our office with and develop an individualized plan to work towards their goals.

We support, encourage, teach, and challenge our clients to facilitate ever higher levels of personal growth and development, whether that be in the arena of marriage, business, sports performance, personal goals, healthy weight management, or any other. Get a copy of our book here.
3 ways the Number 3 can make your life better
Latest Update: Apr 22, 2014
We named our business “Triune Systems” because the number 3 is so significant for health and well-being.   The human brain is composed of three separate and distinct parts.   The frontal and pre-frontal lobes are the "thinking brain", the part of the brain that is responsible for rational thought, critical thinking, and regulating emotions.   The "emotional brain"...    read more...